CLASFON exercises its ministry activities through its various directorates. The directorates are headed by national directorate coordinators and secretaries. They meet to organize programs as they relate to their various mandates at branch, regional, and national levels. They also meet at every national conference of the fellowship for their AGM. Recently, they have been introduced to the students’ conference to have sessions.

The core mandate of the Directorate for Rule of Law, Anti-corruption, and Good Governance (DARG) shall be to;

  • Monitor governance at all levels, including traditional leadership, in Nigeria.
  • Ensure that it is in accordance with the rule of law, accountability, and the Constitution of the Land.
  • Monitor the corruption index of governments in Nigeria at all levels and issue a yearly corruption index report of the judiciary, legislature, executive, and all other government and public agencies in Nigeria.
  • Monitor and appraise all efforts at anti-corruption fighting in Nigeria and advise the Fellowship where it needs to intervene in any way.
  • Recommend persons in the public and private sectors of Nigerian society including the judiciary for CLASFON TRUE SERVICE AWARD during the annual National Conferences based on very verifiable criteria, irrespective of their religious inclination.
  • Advise the Fellowship on issues of human rights, rule of law, anti-corruption, development, etc. that it should take firm action on.
  • Make inputs into the national conference curriculum as it pertains to its activities.
  • Kenechukwu Agwu
    National Director

    Genesis Francis

The core mandate of the Directorate for Legal Aid and Humanitarian Services shall be to;

  • Develop a framework for legal aid, especially for Christians and all oppressed people in every part of Nigeria.
  • Create a network of lawyers in all cities and towns where CLASFON has branches for the provision of legal aid to needy persons on terms and conditions it may propose. This should include encouraging CLASFON-affiliated law firms to have pro bono desks.
  • Collaborate with the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria, the Office of Public Defenders, Prison Ministries, the Police, Churches, etc. in providing legal aid for persons in need of free legal services, as the circumstance may warrant.
  • Take up public interest matters in court where necessary or required, as may be directed by the National Executive Committee.
  • Advise the Fellowship on involvement in humanitarian services, especially for victims of religious oppression.
  • Explore and advise the Fellowship on the possibility of establishing counseling and rehabilitation centers in any part of the country or collaborating with existing ones for the rehabilitation of ex-prisoners or other persons deemed in need of such assistance.
  • Make input to National Conference curriculum as it pertains to legal aid.
  • Mrs. Bola Jinogun
    National Director

    Karkaji Dan Adi

The core mandate of the Directorate for Trial Law and Advocacy shall be to;

  • Create a network for collaboration among Christian trial lawyers in Nigeria.
  • Establish a standard of conduct among Christian trial lawyers in their practice and among one another.
  • Provide education and enlightenment to Christian trial lawyers on modern and advanced techniques of advocacy and trial to put them on the path of excellence.
  • Provide education for Christian trial lawyers on relationships with clients, colleagues, judges, the police, clerks, the press, etc, development of profitable clientele, billing, preparation of pleadings, briefs, and legal opinions; relationships with corporate clients and in-house counsel, etc.
  • Providing and securing opportunities for advancement in the profession for Christian trial lawyers.
  • Counseling Christian trial lawyers on efficient management of their time to be able to effectively serve God, their families, and their profession while having time enough for rest.
  • Getting Christian law offices involved in the counseling, mentoring, and building of young lawyers (CLIMB) program of the Fellowship.
  • Counseling and encouraging trial lawyers to form ‘mega’ Christian law firms that can have up to 20 lawyers or more in the major cities of Nigeria to take advantage of economies of scale.
  • Establish trial lawyers' magazines or journals and other relevant materials that can advance legal practice in Nigeria in a most sustainable and effective manner.
  • Create a Trial Lawyers Fund to help the legal aid work of the Fellowship and encourage public interest litigation when necessary.
  • Make inputs into the national conference curriculum as it pertains to its activities.
  • Dr. Joseph Akubo
    National Director

    Lawrence Nnoli

The core mandate of the Directorate for Legislative Monitoring shall be to;

  • Monitor legislative activities all over Nigeria to ensure that legislations are geared towards the attainment of natural and social justice to all persons, especially Christians.
  • Conduct regular and periodic review of legislations in Nigeria with the aim of identifying all unjust statutes and ensuring that they are removed to prevent woes on the nation as stated in Isaiah 1:10.
  • Collaborate with legislatures and individual legislators in the various Legislative Houses to ensure that just laws are made and unjust laws, including repugnant customary laws, as the case may be, are repealed.
  • Publish for public consumption and sensitize the public about all laws that need to be enacted, amended, or removed, as well as bills that should be supported or opposed for any form of repugnancy.
  • Make inputs to the national conference curriculum on areas that pertain to its work.
  • Khamagam Faruk Kemiel
    National Director

    Owulo Owulo

The core mandate of the Directorate for Church collaboration and counseling shall be to;

  • Represent the Fellowship in all collaborative activities with the church and other Christian ministries.
  • Initiate outreaches to churches in order to teach and counsel them on legal issues and other public affairs.
  • Devise training programs for the body of Christ on issues of law and other such matters.
  • Collaborate with the Legal Education and Research Directorate in providing legal education curriculum for Bible schools, seminaries, and other institutions.
  • Make inputs into the national conference curriculum as it pertains to its activities.
  • Mr. Omonuwa Ogiemudia
    National Director

    Mr. Favour Ejembi

The core mandate of the Directorate for Advancement of legal education and research shall be to;

  • Design a syllabus of legal education that will enhance Christian legal science and substantive justice.
  • Develop a very sustainable curriculum for alternative dispute resolution for the Nigerian society along the Christian model.
  • Provide training for Christian law teachers to deepen their teaching abilities and influence on the model of lawyers that will glorify the Lord.
  • Strengthen and inspire Christian law teachers to serve as mentors to the forthcoming generations of lawyers.
  • Provide training for Christian law teachers and scholars on legal scholarship and intellectualism to ensure that a consciousness of God in law is never removed in Nigeria.
  • Provide training for Christian law teachers on sustainable sources of income that will help them stay above temptations of financial challenges, which often confront persons on fixed income especially in the academic environment.
  • Advise the Fellowship on how to raise a generation of young lawyers from the Campus CLASFONs who will abide in the faith and the Fellowship well after graduation.
  • Explore the possibility of establishing a CLASFON publishing company and editorial board to publish standard texts and other materials by Christian lawyers all over the country and, to this end, establish rules, terms, and conditions that will apply.
  • Initiate research on law and faith that will advance the cause of justice, knowledge, and faith in Nigeria.
  • Providing mechanisms for collaboration among Christian lawyers and scholars on research, reviews, publication, marketing of books, etc.
  • Explore the possibility of publishing international standard sustainable journals, magazines, books of reading, etc.
  • Secure accreditation from the Continuing Legal Education Institute for our conferences and seminars all over the nation.
  • Make inputs into the national conference curriculum as it pertains to its activities.
  • Prof. Bukola Akinola
    National Director

    Friday Okpanachi Ekpa

The core mandate of the Directorate for Religious freedom shall be to;

  • Develop a framework for the institutionalization of religious freedom all over Nigeria.
  • Monitor the observation of the religious freedom of all persons in Nigeria, irrespective of their religion, in every part of the country.
  • Conduct research and document all cases of infringement of religious freedom in every part of Nigeria.
  • Prepare position papers for CLASFON on actions to be taken against all verified cases of interference with religious freedom in Nigeria.
  • Develop curriculum for training on religious freedom for members of CLASFON, Bible colleges, seminaries, educational institutions, churches, etc.
  • Monitor, document, and publicize developments in the area of religious freedom on the judicial front and on the legislative and customary fronts in collaboration with the Directorate for Legislative Monitoring.
  • Prepare educational and informative materials on religious freedom for circulation to governments, institutions, religious bodies, and individuals as necessary.
  • Make input into the National Conference curriculum as it pertains to religious freedom.
  • Joseph Bata Danboyi
    National Director

    Matthew Godfree

The core mandate of the Directorate for Judicial Administration shall be to;

  • Create a network of Christian judges and magistrates all over the country.
  • Devise a means of strengthening the hands of Christian judges and magistrates to commit themselves to the doing of justice without fear or favor.
  • Providing means of fellowship, counseling, and prayer networks among Christian judges and magistrates in Nigeria.
  • Providing a counseling resource base for Christian lawyers who may be interested in joining the bench in Nigeria or outside the country.
  • Recommending to the Fellowship and its members areas of intervention for legal aids and alternative dispute resolution, especial ly in cases of disputes involving Christians and churches, whether for fees or not as the case may be.
  • Advice and formulate welfare schemes for Christian judges and magistrates which it is of the view the Fellowship should be involved in and also on investment opportunities for judges and magistrates.
  • Make inputs into the national conference curriculum as it pertains to its activities.
  • Hon. Justice Ebiowei Tobi
    National Director

    Mrs. Mary Henry-Agbonika

The core mandate of the Directorate for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) shall be to;

  • Establish a framework for reputable alternative dispute resolution machinery for lawyers, churches, individual Christians, communities, governments, companies, business persons, and any other party that may need its services.
  • Establish terms and conditions for the use of its facilities and services.
  • Provide training for Christian lawyers, Gospel ministers, Church and Ministry leaders all over Nigeria in collaboration with churches, Christian Association of Nigeria, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, government officials and agencies, community leaders, etc on alternative dispute resolution on terms and conditions approved for it by the President-in-Council.
  • Provide ombudsman services for members of the public, particularly Christians, as much as it can.
  • Advice the Fellowship on areas it can intervene and interface with governments and churches to resolve disputes before they result in conflicts.
  • Make inputs into the national conference curriculum as it pertains to its activities.
  • Femi Fajola
    National Director

    Foluke Akinmoladun

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