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At CLASFON, we have a heart for students. The goal of our student ministry is to reach out to Christian law and pre-law students and assist them in connecting their faith with their legal studies and work. We invite students to join our fellowship of over 6,000 lawyers, law students, professors, and judges.

The CLASFON student chapters provide practical assistance by way of fellowship, prayer, Bible study, and outreach opportunities. It is the goal of CLASFON to establish local chapters at every law school in Nigeria. The CLASFON student body is a welcoming environment for all Christian Law students. In this great family, the spiritual,  academic, and social well-being of our family members is our priority.

There are over 50 branches of CLASFON in the different universities in Nigeria. Email us via this link if you are interested in starting a CLASFON chapter at your university or law school.

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 Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria is a dynamic, active, and rewarding organization. All members of CLASFON share a commitment to our statement of faith.

Membership categories in CLASFON include either Full and Associate membership.

Full Membership is open to any person who:
  • is a Judge, Magistrate, Advocate, Solicitor, Law Teacher and any other person who is qualified to practise law in Nigeria or a Law Graduate;
  • is not associated with a secret society or cult of any kind;
  • has registered with a branch of the Fellowship by filling and returning the membership application form and did not receive any notice rejecting his membership, or had his membership terminated by any means.
Associate Membership is open to any person who:
  • is a law student in any tertiary institution in Nigeria or a Nigerian law student in any other tertiary institution. A “law student” shall be given the meaning ascribed to it, from time to time, by the Fellowship’s Students Bye-law.
  • Is not associated with a secret society or cult of any kind;
  • Is a member of the Chapter of the Fellowship in his institution.

CLASFON recognizes the Nigerian Bar Association as the National body embracing all Lawyers in Nigeria and cooperates with it in achieving mutual aims and objectives in so far as such co-operation will not compromise Christian tenets. Also, it recognizes and associates, as a member, with Advocates International (AI) and Advocates Africa (AA), as a global and continental or regional bodies or networks of Christian lawyer organizations.

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CLASFON exercises its ministry activities through its various directorates. The Directorates are headed by National Directorates coordinators and Secretaries via;

  • Rule of Law, Anti-corruption, and Good Governance (DARG)
  • Legal Aid and Humanitarian Services
  • Trial Law and Advocacy
  • Legislative Monitoring
  • Church collaboration and counseling
  • Advancement of legal education and research
  • Religious freedom
  • Judicial Administration
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

These directorates meet to organize programs as they relate to their various mandates. They meet at branch, regional, and national levels for their meetings and programs. They also meet at every national conference of the fellowship for their AGM. Recently, they have been introduced to the students’ conference to have sessions.

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Throughout the year, we hold diverse events, from local chapter events to president-in-council meetings to regional conferences and the national conference.

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